Tree Climbing



Tree Climbing

In this game, you climb up the branches of a tree. Be careful! Every time you reach for a higher branch, you might slip and fall to the ground.

Each round you first try to climb to branch 1. If you fall, then you score 0 and go to the next round. If you make it, then you decide whether to try again for branch 2 or stay at branch 1. If you make it to branch 2, you again decide whether to go for the next branch or stay.

Each time you climb, you have a 1/6 chance of falling and a 5/6 chance of making it to the next branch.

You score 1 point for each branch you climb before choosing to stay, but if you fall at any point then you lose everything and score 0 points for the round. You can climb up to 10 branches in a round.

The game continues for 10 rounds. Your score is updated after each round by adding the number of branches that you climbed, unless you fell which means you score 0 for the round.

Now go climb the tree!