The Turtle and Rabbit Game

In this game, turtle wants to eat cherries and rabbit wants to eat carrots.

Each day, turtle and rabbit travel together to visit one of the four fields in the valley. They only have time to visit one of the fields per day. The fields have different numbers of cherries and carrots that change from day to day.

Turtle and rabbit might agree or disagree about which field to visit depending on how many cherries and carrots are in each field.

Turtle and rabbit travel in a crazy futuristic go-kart with GPS navigation and autopilot.

Turtle chooses North or South. Rabbit chooses West or East.

Then the go-kart takes off and drives to the field in the northwest, northeast, southwest, or southeast depending on what they both decided.

Importantly, turtle and rabbit don’t know each other’s choices until after they both decide.

After both players decide, they can see the other player’s choice and which field they will visit.

Then turtle eats the cherries and rabbit eats the carrots in the field.

You are turtle and you eat cherries.

The computer is rabbit who eats carrots. The computer is programmed to play similar to how people play this game.

Turtle's cherries
Rabbit's carrots
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